Your Curl ID

Your kinks and coils are patterned in tight waves, typically describe as a “Z” shape. This shape makes your hair all the more fluffy, voluminous and fab. However, this also means your curls are very, very fragile and must be treated with care. Without the proper hair care regimen, damage from the elements can quickly overcome any natural curl definition.

Your curls easily hold a style, so you can benefit from the protection of twists, braids, buns and styles that require less manipulation. For your delicate curls, lightweight gels and butters used in styling can help protect your hair and create a more defined look. When cleansing, make sure to use products with moisturising qualities and deep condition frequently.


A daily routine is essential in keeping your healthy.

Before shampooing, massage your hair with light oils such as coconut or castor to retain your natural oils and help minimise breakage.

After washing, apply a conditioner that is oil or cream based. You may require conditioners that are lighter or more dense, depending on your hair porosity.

Avoid heat damage by using heat-free methods to stretch your hair, such as flexi rods, twist outs or bantu knots.

Use a microfibre towel to dry your hair. They are gentler on your curls and help retain moisture. 

Split your hair into sections before styling. This will minimise damage and breakage from styling.


LIGHT OILS: Such as Castor seed oil, Coconut oil, and Avocado oil helps rejuvenate hair and detangle dry tresses.

CERAMIDES: Found in cell membranes, Ceramides seal the hair cuticle, keeping moisture in your hair for a lustrous finish.

LIGHTWEIGHT BUTTERS: Like Avocado butter, Hemp seed butter, Jojoba butter, and Coffee butter are great for sealing in moisture and softening hair.

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