Your Curl ID

Your hair is curled into spirals with a fun ability to spring into place after being stretched. The transformation your hair makes from wet to dry is very impressive as it grows outwards into a voluminous crown from its drenched lengths.

Otherwise known as type “3b”, your curls have a small circumference approximately the size of a finger. Without proper care your hair can become frizzy and prone to fly-aways from breakage, so commit to a regular moisture routine.


Wash your hair less - try not to wash your hair more than every third day.

Don’t comb your hair dry, and for best results, comb when using conditioner as any other time will create frizz, undo the curl patterns and cause breakage.

Wet your hair in the morning for second and third day waves. Dry your hair by blotting and scrunching excess water with a micro-fibre towel.

Air-dry to stay frizz-free and heat-free, and give your hair a big shake once dried to separate the curl clumps and wake up the volume.

Use a diffuser on cold air if you need your hair dried in a hurry.

Use heat-protection products if you’re applying heat directly, and follow up with moisture-rich treatments on your next wash day.


MOISTURISING BOTANICALS: Like Coconut and Olive moisturise your curls deeply from within, giving you healthy, lustrous hair.

ANTI-HUMECTANTS: Use styling creams or milks that repel humidity and leave hair silky, smooth, and ultra-manageable.

NATURAL PROTEINS: Such as Oat, Silk, and Soy add strength and maintain moisture balance for extra bounce and elasticity.


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