Your Curl ID

This is the edge of wavy, being the most defined “S” shape which can bounce back if you stretch it out. You are the closest of the waves to curly hair, and might even find a few curls scattered in there, making it a beautiful mix of shapes.

But be weary, you could lose that unique character if you regularly apply heat directly to the hair and don’t make an effort to replace the moisture. Otherwise known as type “2c” this type of wave varies greatly in levels of soft to coarse, so it’s important to accept its natural state in order to best manage it.

Tips & Tricks

Anti-frizz with a small amount of light-weight oil or serum to keep the waves defined without holding them down.

Keep your waves vibrant, frizz-free and elastic by using moisture-rich masks or treatments once a week.

If your hair is thick and coarse, soften it with oils and protein and find a hairdresser who can help you love it.

Layer your hair to frame your face with the light naturally deflecting from the curves and to create the outer illusion of volume.


BOTANICAL MOISTURISERS: Such as Green Tea, Oat Extract and Agave Nectar infuse moisture into each curl, activating definition and promoting health and shine.

LIGHTWEIGHT VOLUMISERS : Containing lightweight polymers, these products add volume to your hair while maintaining definition with a touchable hold.

NATURAL PROTEINS: Fatty, proteinous ingredients such as Eggs, Mayonnaise, and Avocado strengthen even the finest of curls.