Your Curl ID

Bouncy and full-bodied, your curls dance on the spectrum between coily and kinky. Clearly defined in a corkscrew shape, these types of curls can range in size from the circumference of a pen to a marker.

Your curls can be dense, and coarse, giving you instant volume, and a tendency to frizz.

Tight curls need hydration to maintain definition. Replenish moisture frequently with moisturisers and deep conditioning.

However, product build-up can also leave your curls crunchy and irregular. Make sure to keep your curls soft and defined, by washing with cleansing conditioners


To define your curls and ward off humidity, use a sizeable amount of leave-in conditioner, serums or oils.

Avoid direct heat when drying your hair by air-drying or using a diffuser

For a quick curl refresher, spritz your hair with a moisturising mist and finger coil your hair to loosen them up.

Medium hold botanical gels provide definition without drying your curls

A scalp massage after cleansing hair provides a natural lift while maintaining your curl pattern (not to mention it feels great!)

Deep condition once a week for 30 minutes to retain moisture.


AMINO ACIDS: Restore fullness and shine to dry curls.

LIGHT BOTANICALS: Such as Chamomile, Agave, and Aloe replenish moisture and restore curls without residue or build-up.

SILK PROTEINS: Reconstruct while de-frizzing and softening hair, leaving your curls bouncy, smooth and strong.

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