Why humidity makes curls frizzy, and how to stop it


Due to the spiral shape of curly hair, the cuticles of each strand tend to stay open. When there is moisture in the air due to humidity, that moisture will travel in and out of the open cuticles.

This leads to uneven moisture levels through the curls, leaving you with limp patches, ineffective product and sections of swelling hair shafts. When mixed together, you get lacklustre curl patterns and unfriendly frizz.


As humidity hits, curly hair needs more moisture, and needs to lock it in. Don’t give your hair a reason to look for moisture in the atmosphere: provide it through your stylers, cleanser, conditioner and treatments.

Start your day by applying a hydrating prep product that will smooth over the strand’s outer layer. If you struggle with limp hair in humidity, choose a cream that also helps with definition to encourage your curl pattern to do its thing. One to try is the Shea Moisture Superfruit Multi-Vitamin Frizz-Taming Smoothie, or the Bounce Curl Avocado & Rose Oil Clump & Define Cream.

Now we know what you’re thinking, too much moisture in the air is basically the whole problem so why are we pumping our hair with more? Well, supplying your hair with the right kind of moisture makes it hard for humid air to find its way into the hair shaft.

But you’re a little right; simply increasing moisture in your routine is not enough. That’s what makes this next step so important.

While your hair is still damp, lock in your natural curl pattern by applying a gel. Rake the gel through, making sure you distribute it evenly. Some great gels to try are the Curls Goddess Curls Gelle and Jessicurl Spiralicious Styling Gel, or if you have tighter kinks and coils, try Curls Cashmere & Caviar Gelle or Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Coil Sculpting Custard


Let the gel dry into a cast, and then choose one of two options:

  • Scrunch the gel cast off and smooth over with a small amount of light-weight oil or serum to help seal the cuticles. You might like to try the Mielle Mint Almond Oil for this;


  • Leave the gel cast on all day to lock those curls in tight. Choose a gel that is alcohol free to avoid any dryness that may send your hair on a search for moisture. Try the Eco Styler Professional Styling Gel.

Now we have to throw this in. Frizz isn’t always bad. Some of us curlies actually love it for its volumising abilities. If you’re not afraid of choosing a softer product, try the Curl Care Hydrating Mousse (for kids) or tgin Honey Whip Hydrating Mousse for big, bouncy, soft hair.

What your hair does at night also matters. Sleeping with a silk pillowcase helps to reduce frizz as they cause less friction and absorb less moisture than regular cotton pillowcases.

If you still can’t beat the frizz, tie your hair up. A classic pineapple, messy bun or braids will do the trick. Make it extra cute with a Saint Curl Silk Scrunchie or Valet accessory.

Remember, everyone’s hair is unique. So do a little experimenting until you find the frizz-beating routine that works best for you! 💕

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