Nadia Roosens, aka thugxurious, is a stylist and creative director based in Sydney, Australia. With a style that effortlessly blends the streets and chic, “Your Local Girl Gang” celebrates the fire vibe of your everyday woman.

We managed to steal a moment of Nadia’s time to find out a little more. All images are by thugxurious.


by Thugxurious


I am "Euro-nesian", half European half Melanesian. My mum is from the Solomon Islands and my paps is from Belgium. 


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Having a mixed ethnicity is so great because I get the best of both worlds - language, food, family and travel. From a young age my parents encouraged me to embrace both of my cultures equally so I felt very connected to my Island side and European side.


by thugxurious


My everyday hair routine is quite simple, wash or dampen, apply a very generous amount of hair cream from scalp to tip and towel dry in my Saint Curl microfiber towel! Every once in a while I do a deep treatment! 


by thugxurious


I've always worn my hair natural! I was never interested in straightening my hair, I probably did it twice a year. However I did bleach my hair blonde (gradually at a salon) for one whole year and that was a huge mistake because my hair is still repairing from the damage 4 years later.


by thugxurious


Thugxurious is my creative alias. I love to style, direct and collaborate with people to create great visuals for advertising and media. The motive behind Thugxurious initially was to embrace more diversity in the Australian fashion and media industry, since it’s so vanilla at the moment. One day I'll be in a position where I can produce creative work on a larger scale that reflects a more realistic Aussie society and build upon our country’s "culture". There's so much work to do.


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