New Curl Resolutions for your best hair ever

The new year is a great time to hit ‘reset’ and get back on track. While most people are hitting the gym this January, take some time to check in with your hair and consider what worked and what didn’t in the last year. 

Our New Curl Resolutions can help you re-focus if you’ve been let slip over the busy holiday season.

1. First, do no harm 

The old adage that ‘pain is beauty’ is taken to heart by many of us. Most curlies know to avoid the obvious damaging effects of heat styling and harsh chemicals, but sometimes the temptation to style your hair a certain way or get that ‘sleek’ look can be overwhelming. Remember, the health of your hair comes before any trend!

2. Be adventurous 

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to try different styles, colours or products on your hair. Do a big chop, get an unusual hair cut or colour - your hair will grow back. Make sure any products you use are suitable for your hair, you don’t want to cause lasting damage in the process.

3. You are what you eat

Caring for your hair is about more than the products you put in it: your diet is also vital to your hair health. Make sure you have a balanced diet packed full of vitamins, nutrients and proteins to see your hair flourish.

4. Invest

 Whether you’re new to natural hair, or you’ve been at the game for a long time, investing in quality tools can help your hair routine. Wide-tooth combs, detangling brushes, diffusers, satins bonnets and pillowcases are all useful tools to have.

5. Quality over quantity

If you’re someone who prefers long hair, be careful not to sacrifice the health of your hair for length. Trimming the old ends from your hair can be vital to maintaining the health and growth of your curls.

6. Judge not

The natural hair community is overwhelmingly supportive. But too often, people are judged for the products they use, the styles they wear, or even their natural curl texture. People can feel like their hair doesn’t measure up to the ‘Instagram ideal’, or as though they are betraying the movement if they wear a straight weave. We like to say that every Crown is as unique as a fingerprint, so while we are accepting our hair as it naturally is, we should be making all curlies feel accepted, too.

7. Find your ingredients

Different products can have different effects on your hair. One thing you’ll notice on your natural journey is that certain ingredients make your hair feel incredible! This year, make the effort to pinpoint which ingredients work well with your curls.

8. Be patient, but persistent 

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to hair. Many new naturals can feel like nothing’s happening when comparing their hair to those who have been curly for a while. After years of heat and chemical damage, your hair can take time to recover and come into its own. Just make sure you keep at it: moisturise and deep condition regularly; add clarifying to your routine if you haven’t already and if you’re one to wear a protective style, remember your hair still needs care.

9. Give your hair a break

Much like you, your hair needs a break from time to time. Let your curls breath with deep conditioning treatment or protective style like braids, twists, crochet or weaves.

10. Love your curls

Above all, love your curls this year, knots and all. Treat it with care and kindness, and we promise your hair will love you back. 


SC xx

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