The ultimate image of beauty.

TV, mainstream media, fashion and magazines tell her she comes next.  

She watches television and sees no one who looks like her. She is given no point of reference. She is told she is ugly. She sees golden skin and long blonde locks fall like waterfalls around pencil frames and despise the curly mess atop her head, resents the darkness of her features and pokes at the curves on her body.

For her, beauty, elegance and relevance is unattainable.

She is insecure because the size 12 swimmers don't fit her hips. She is irritated because the brunette celebrities are Caucasian. She is confused because she didn't hate herself until she turned on the TV or looked at Instagram.  

The media desperately needs an overhaul, as it clings to ideals of beauty that are outdated and harmful.
This country is incredibly diverse and so is beauty; it is not exclusive to a particular colour, race or class. We want to see this reality reflected.

We're tired of being told curls aren't normal, so we're campaigning for an emoji. There is an emoji for everything, except us. Join the #CurlyEmojiCampaign today by reposting.

We want every woman who reads this to know she is beautiful. You are beautiful... and we haven't even started on how intelligent, capable and powerful you are.

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