Have you had the same hair cut (or no cut at all) for the last few years, and don’t know how to change it up? Follow these steps to get the hair cut that’s right for you:

1. Stop asking everyone for their opinion

Your friends will try to talk you out of cutting your hair because they’re in love with the current you: a unique creature with incredible, unattainable locks… But remember, they’re not the one that has to put up with it!

Asking people what they think will drown you with a wave of disagreement. I heard it all, from “if you cut your hair I’ll stop talking to you” to “your hair is who you are, you can’t cut it”. But they were all wrong. I have more to offer than a mop atop my head and I certainly don’t want to be friends with anyone who is using me for winter warmth.

I soon realised the problem: I was talking to people who didn’t get it, and often had straight hair. Their confused looks told me they couldn’t picture my descriptions or didn’t understand why I’d ever want to reduce the curls. That made their opinions redundant due to being under-qualified for the job.

I stopped caring what people thought and pursued my vision (of not spending 30 minutes a day getting knots out of my hair). When I finally cut it all off I saw the people around me come to a resolution (after their initial shock and tears) that the hair cut made sense, the curls looked fresh and the weight I’d been carrying had been lifted.

2. Especially don’t ask men

They have no idea what you’re talking about.

The only thing they think they know is how they like their women: long-haired and conventionally feminine. Forget that! Be unique and believe in your beautiful self, that energy is abundantly more powerful than trying to conform. I can assure you, when I cut it all off the men did not stop coming… in fact, I increased my margin to attracting ladies too.

3. Research on Pinterest and Instagram, do not Google it

Type “haircuts for curly hair” into Google and you will get an extensive catalogue of styles from 2002. This failure will scare you right off the prospect of cutting.

Conversely, Instagram is a great place to start as it provides an endless collection of blogs dedicated to natural and curly hair. If you have a look in mind, someone has surely styled and captured it for the ‘grammers. If you have no idea at all you will be pleasantly inspired by the thousands of gorgeous women and men sharing their images. However, in a twist of fate, a few hours of blind scrolling can see things become repetitive. That’s the time to whip out Pinterest, a website with a wealth of ideas and beautiful images conveniently bundled by similarity to save you searching.

4. Find the right hairdresser

You’ve probably got trust issues when it comes to hairdressers. They stretch your hair and cut it like it’s straight, they give you hair magazines absent of natural curls, and some will even tell you to get keratine to smooth it all out. If that’s the case, turn your beautiful body around and walk out. They don’t understand your hair and fear it more than you fear them.

Start by asking the curly people in your vicinity (whether you know them or not) where they get their hair cut; the fro they’re sporting is a free indication of that hair dresser’s skill. If that doesn’t help, visit the salons around you and talk to their stylists. It’s important to see the person who will hold the scissors standing in front of you to gauge how they respond to the idea of cutting your hair. Even better, if there is an opportunity for a free consultation, take it.

I stumbled upon my current salon at a time when haircuts gave me anxiety. I proceeded to book a 15 minute consultation where my hairdresser and I talked about all the magical possibilities. She gave me confidence as she ogled over pictures I’d found online and explained that she would cut my hair dry… yes, DRY. This allows the person cutting to follow the natural pattern of the curls and to maintain a holistic view of what your hair will finish up looking like… no surprises!

5. Be brave, it grows back

If you’ve followed all those steps then just give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose. Your hair cut is not permanent and with good care it will quickly grow out.

6. Consider adjusting your products

If you’ve settled on a dramatic cut, you may need to consider changing your products. Heavier hair products may have worked wonders when taming your long mane, but your lighter doo might better suit ingredients that provide more subtle control.

Take some time considering the new needs of your hair as you see the curls bounce tighter and the texture shine through. Trial and error will help you decide on new product choices and quantities, but keep in mind, less is more as you downsize.


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