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We recently held a series of live events to help you get through isolation called Live with Saint Curl. We hoped that through these events we could bring the curl community together and share in something new, fun or educational.

In case you missed them, we've put each live event right here, on this blog post. You'll find:

  • Carmen Smith Lounge Concert
  • Lady Chika Reggaeton Dance Class
  • Lessons on Hair Oil with Cynthia, Owner of Embrace For Every Curl
  • Learn to Jumbo Braid with Laura of Deeply Rooted Hair
  • Gypsy Rose Bellydance Class 

Enjoy! x



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This week Cynthia - owner of @EmbraceFEC - took over our Instagram to bring us a live lesson on using hair oil. She covered topics like which type of oil suits which hair, and how to use it. Thank you to everyone who joined us, as always, we loved hanging out with you! A very special thank you to Cynthia and @EmbraceFEC for sharing so much knowledge and giving us a hair tutorial at the same time! <3 Cynthia used the Embrace FEC Hair & Body Oil which you can buy from our website. If you missed it, you can tune in for this lesson via our IGTV whenever you like. #saintcurl . . . . #curls #texturedhair #naturalhair #kinkyhair #coilyhair #curlyhair #embracefec #hairoil #iso #isoactivities #livewithsaintcurl #curlcommunity #naturalhair #instadaily #teamnatural

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This week, Laura of @DeeplyRootedHair brought us a lesson on how to jumbo braid. Clear your schedule for the next day because this is your next #iso activity! You will have a new found appreciation for the skill that goes into braids, and a new hairstyle! The following products were shown in this video: - @mielleorganics Babassu and Mint Deep Conditioner (avl. @saintcurl) - @Thermalhaircare heat cap (avl. @saintcurl) - Kanekalon braiding hair: Xpressions Ultra Braid, Supreme Super X, African Nature Braid Collection XXX Ultra Braiding Hair - Rubber bands - Eco Styler Gel (avl. @saintcurl) - Murray's Molding Paste - Blue Magic Coconut Oil - T-Tree Braid Spray - Curling Rods A huge thank you to Laura @deeplyrootedhair for giving us her time and knowledge, and thank you to all of you who joined us for this live event. Tune in here to practice along with Laura anytime you like. #saintcurl . . . . #livewithsaintcurl #IGTV #instagramlive #braiding #braids #jumbobraids #protectivestyling #naturalhair #kinkyhair #coilyhair #curlyhair #curls #naturalhairjourney #isolation #hairextensions #deepconditioner #mielle #ecostylergel

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