How to thrive in ISO: a Saint Curl guide

It can be a challenge staying motivated and happy when you’re stuck at home. Heck, sometimes we don’t even know what day of the week it is! Whether or not you’re working, you’ve got to keep productive to keep your days interesting and meaningful. To help, we’ve created a simple guide to keep you on track.

  1. Glow up for your day: Kick off your day like you normally would. Perhaps that means exercise, a shower and (hopefully) brushing your teeth. Then be sure to apply your usual skincare and do your hair. Do all of this, even if you’ve got no House Party calls planned.
  1. Eat breakfast: Get the energy you need to have a productive day. Try to find a spot in your yard or in front of a window.
  1. Work your space: Whatever you plan on doing (maybe you’re working, studying or learning new skills) create a space that is separate from the rest of the house or can be packed away at the end of each day. It will help keep the different parts of your day defined and reduce clutter so you can think clearly. 
  1. To-do list: If you’ve got a bit on your plate, write a to-do list to keep you on track and stop you from slacking. Only you’re accountable for your day.
  1. Head down: Work on your tasks without distractions. It helps to put your phone in a draw - out of sight out of mind. This may not apply if your only task is to binge watch Tiger King.

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  1. Lunch is life: Step away from your work for a lunch break. Have a stretch, walk around the block and eat a nutritious meal. 
  1. Work your body: Schedule in a daily work-out. If you need inspo, you’ll find heaps of options for  at-home workouts on Instagram and Youtube. Try to stay motivated by switching it up: dance one day, pilates the next, then maybe run. 
  1. Do what makes you happy: Find time each day to do something for you. This is a good time to video call your loved ones, watch a trashy rom-com or read a book.
  1. Sleep, obviously - Try to stick to regular sleeping patterns. If you stay up watching Netflix ‘til 3am everyday you’ll eventually take on a new sleep routine and find it difficult to wake up in the mornings. Then you’ll have to explain to people how you got jetlag while stuck in isolation.
  1. The weekend: Do whatever you want on the weekends, just try not to work! It can be hard switching off when the office is in your house, but do your best to keep your normal routine alive.

We hope this helps, and we hope you’re staying well, safe and in good spirits! 

Much love, Saint Curl xx

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