Baby-G x Saint Curl

"Ain't nobody got time to straighten their hair!"


We recently teamed up with Baby-G Australia for an incredible giveaway, and got the chance to try on about a million of their stunning watches, chat about Saint Curl and living the life of a #GIRLBOSS.  

Check out the interview to find out a little more about the girls behind Saint Curl (and peep Baby-G's range of #prettytoughwatches 💖)


"We wanted to encourage Aussies to embrace their natural selves and to remind them that they are not only beautiful, but professional, intelligent, powerful, normal - whoever they want to be."

"What are the 3 most important things for a girl with CURLS?

1. Self-love - embrace the curls, accept your hair and don’t compare yourself to others.
2. Knowledge - learn about your hair and how to care for it.
3. Conditioner."

 "People have put their trust in us and there are huge expectations to get things done, that’s probably the strongest motivator to keep pushing... [W]e really believe in what we’re doing, so we want to keep improving and taking Saint Curl from strength to strength."


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